Food for Thought

tips and tricks to grow your hospitality brand

Model Your Communications After Batman and Robin

I love superheroes. I love the idea of wearing cape, a mask, and a utility belt as you run through the streets of your town trying to right the wrongs of the world. Oh and flying through the air is pretty cool, too.

4 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Copy

Copy isn’t forever. You may want to leave well enough alone when you figure out something that works but that’s not always possible. As you and your audience grows, your copy should, too.

A Salesperson Behind a Typewriter

When I first came across that quote, Bob Bly was attributing it to Judith Charles of Judith K Charles Creative Communication in The Copywriter’s Handbook. Since then, I’ve seen in many variations of the quote with many different attributions. Either way, the sentiment sticks because it’s true.

When a Copywriter Takes the Subway

For the past few years, I’ve been a straphanger. I’ve never enjoyed driving and moving to metropolitan areas (first Chicago, then NYC) meant I rarely had to drive again. While many people find public transportation frustrating, I enjoy it. I don’t have to pay for gas, I can read the whole trip and I don’t have to spend 20 minutes attempting to parallel park.

How to Get Someone to Follow You on Twitter

On Twitter, your followers equal your audience. Although follow count isn’t everything, generally, you would rather have a follower than not. Also, when you follow someone and they follow you back, the likelihood that you two can have frequent conversations is far greater than if you didn’t.

No One Wants to Buy Anything

I don’t want to buy anything. This is true no matter how much money I have. I’ve NEVER wanted to buy anything. In fact, I don’t know anybody who does want to buy anything