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tips and tricks to grow your hospitality brand

What Batman Can Teach You About Great Copywriting

Batman is my hero. He’s not a superhero. He’s just a rich guy with mad fighting skills, a bad-ass car, and a drive to right wrongs. But that’s enough for me. I look up to the Dark Knight and I often model my life after his teachings. Batman has even helped me fine...

Bite-Sized Marketing

You’re busy, right? (You’re actually too busy to be reading this but give me a sec here.) You’re already spending every moment of your day running your business and you still have to find time to learn how to grow it. Sometimes that seems like an impossible task. How...

4 Ways You’re Doing Local Wrong

Local businesses are the bedrock of local economy. There are a lot of reasons for us to shop locally but if you’re not actually doing any of those things, you’re wasting everyone’s time. Local businesses are en vogue right now. But there are some small business owners...

Why I Prefer WordPress for Websites

As a website designer, I work with a few different content management systems (CMS). From Squarespace to iPage to Blogger to Wix, there are so many ways to make a smart, useful website for your business. But if you asked me about my preferences, I’d have to tell you it’s WordPress. The open source website creation tool was created in 2003 and has grown into one of the most popular website platforms out there. When my clients ask me why, I have whole list of reasons for loving it

Creating a Yearly Theme for Your Small Business

Each year, millions of people make New Year’s resolutions for both their personal and business lives. And by February, most of those resolutions have fallen away with the problems of the year. By summer, that resolution is completely forgotten and by the end of the...

How to Make Your Small Business a Luck Magnet

Luck can be a touchy subject. Some people really believe in the power of luck and superstitions. They know their lucky numbers, they have their rabbit’s foot, and they are always on the lookout for signs. Others believe that the only luck in the world comes from hard work.

How to Claim Your Google Business Listing

Google is arguably the number one search engine in the world. When you search for a business on it, it returns Google business listings first. There are 1.4 billion active devices using Google’s Android mobile platform. When you search for nearby businesses on an Android device, it uses Google business listings in the results. Google Maps dominates the map market on any mobile device as well as many desktop devices. When you search for something in Google Maps, it relies on Google business listings.

How to Remove Comments from WordPress Pages

The moment I found WordPress was a big moment in my working life. Before that, I was manually creating web pages in Microsoft Publisher and uploading them to my webhost via FTP. If I wanted to make a change in the web copy on a page, it was a multistep process. The first time I just opened my dashboard, chose a page, and edited the copy, I could have cried with joy.

4 Tips for a Better Professional Headshot

Headshots matter. They are your representation on your business website, your email, and your social media profiles. When you get a professional headshot wrong, it really affects how the world see you. We’ve all browsed LinkedIn and have seen the party headshot coupled with the financial services consultant job. Don’t let that be you. Here’s how to avoid it.

How to Make Google Alerts Work For You

Monitoring your image online is a crucial part of protecting your brand. You may choose to amplify, rebut or ignore mentions of you or your brand online. But if you don’t know, you can’t handle the situation effectively.

Show Some Love to Your Business

Starting and running your own business is a bit like starting a love affair. You can fall in love at first inspiration. You spend long hours contemplating your future together. And sometimes it ends in tears. Whether you’re in the first throes of love with your business or whether you’re in a long term healthy relationship with it, take a few minutes this Valentine’s Day to show it some love.

Do You Use Subcontractors?

I often get asked about whether I hire subcontractors for work. That’s a great question because it’s a common occurrence in this industry.

Your Marketing Benefit Isn’t My Marketing Benefit

Now that I’m kinda settled in Austin, it’s time for me to join a gym. I need exercise. In NYC, my exercise was running up and down flights of stairs trying to catch the subway. Here, I walk the 10 feet to my car. In NYC, I had to drag my laundry five blocks to do a load of whites. Now, I just pop them into the washer inside my apartment. In short, I’m getting soft.

Quality Content Will Never Die

Search engine optimization may have been a huge force behind guest posting for certain brands but it’s not the only reason to do it. Guest posting is still an effective way to get in front of other audiences, spread your message, or just get a little change in scenery. If a popular site will take your guest post about something you’re knowledgeable about so its readers can get to know who you are and what you do, you’re doing something right.

Swipe Files: DUMBO Kitchen

DUMBO Kitchen is right next to the York street subway stop and I pass by it all the time. It’s a restaurant that caters to a crowd that doesn’t really cook, which is quite a few people in NYC. I haven’t seen any ads from the place but the copy on its windows is very compelling.