DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is a neighborhood right on the edge of Brooklyn next to Manhattan. I guess it’s pretty trendy but I wouldn’t be the best judge of that. Anyplace you’d pay $18 for a burger and everyone is wearing skinny jeans and fake glasses seems trendy to me. It’s worth visiting though because there are tons of art, music, and cool little shops and restaurants.

DUMBO Kitchen

DUMBO Kitchen is right next to the York street subway stop and I pass by it all the time. It’s a restaurant that caters to a crowd that doesn’t really cook, which is quite a few people in NYC. I haven’t seen any ads from the place but the copy on its windows is very compelling. It says things like “You create. We cook.” or “You commute. We cook.” The copy lines the windows and each phrase plays on the fact that its target customers are too busy doing what they do best and restaurant will take care of the cooking.

All in all, it makes for a really cohesive brand and since I’m not much of a cook in the first place, I’d definitely visit based on its marketing copy. And that’s why I put it in my swipe file.

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