Copy isn’t forever. You may want to leave well enough alone when you figure out something that works but that’s not always possible. As you and your audience grows, your copy should, too. You don’t go on your website or read your brochures each day so it’s difficult to know when your copy is getting stale. Here are a few signs that scream it’s time for a copy re-do:


Your company has made some changes. Things move fast and you’re growing everyday. But no one outside of your office knows that. If you have new products, new services, or new staff, you need some new copy to go with it.

Your audience has changed. Just as you’re doing new things, your customers are trying new things, too. You can’t expect them to stay the same. In some cases, you’re moving on to a whole new market. Maybe you’re hoping to attract a new type of clientele. Whatever the case, a change in focus needs a change in copy.

It’s been a while. Have you ever been in a house that was last remodeled in the 70s? The shag carpet and loud wallpaper make it obvious, even if it’s still in perfect working order. It just needs an update. So does your copy. Even if you’re still the same organization, doing the same thing for the same group of people, you should update your copy every so often, too.

You’re updating anyway. Copy isn’t the only thing on your website that needs updating. Maybe you’re tweaking the design. Are you changing the color scheme or logo? Well since you’re putting on a fresh coat of paint, you might as well refresh the copy, too.

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