For the past few years, I’ve been a straphanger. I’ve never enjoyed driving and moving to metropolitan areas (first Chicago, then NYC) meant I rarely had to drive again. While many people find public transportation frustrating, I enjoy it. I don’t have to pay for gas, I can read the whole trip and I don’t have to spend 20 minutes attempting to parallel park.

It’s also the perfect opportunity to catch up on what’s new in ad copy.

subway photo

For you drivers out there who don’t know, buses and subway trains have ad copy all over the inside of them. For the companies and organizations advertising, it’s the perfect way to reach a captive audience. (You’re not going anywhere until the bus gets to your stop, right?) Like tiny billboards, the posters and placards call out into the crowd to their target marketing audience and convince them to take the next step. I’ve seen some great stuff or clever tactics just paying attention to the ads on the subway.

That’s not to say that every ad I see while using public transportation is a gem. I’ve seen a few I’d love to rewrite to make clearer or have a bigger impact. But, that’s just a good way for me to exercise my copywriting muscles. I either gather my ideas together for my inspiration folder or I consider pitching the company directly. Some of the ads are written so badly that it’s obvious they need to hire a strong copywriter immediately! And, I’m just the girl for the job.

Photo by ViktorDobai

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