Email is a still a big deal. No matter how many social media networks you’re on, sending an email is the best way to reach out in a business situation. As someone who runs more than one business, manages several content management sites, and does a ton of online shopping, I get a lot of email. It’s not uncommon for me to get hundreds of email a day. The one thing that has helped me not lose my mind through it all is practicing Inbox Zero.

Inbox Zero is a method of email organization that emphasizes keeping your inbox clean and your number of unread emails at zero. Now, that doesn’t mean you hide the email. It means you take an action for each email instead of letting them sit around in your inbox getting old and moldy. Whether you get so much email you can hardly breathe or you just want to take control of your inbox, Inbox Zero can work for you.

For the rest of my piece on inbox zero, head over to Awesomely Techie and read Inbox Zero: Why You Need It and How to Get It.

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