The moment I found WordPress was a big moment in my working life. Before that, I was manually creating web pages in Microsoft Publisher and uploading them to my webhost via FTP. If I wanted to make a change in the web copy on a page, it was a multistep process. The first time I just opened my dashboard, chose a page, and edited the copy, I could have cried with joy.

WordPress didn’t just change my world, though. It is a major force in the content management world. You can host a simple blog or run a moguldom from WordPress. And for the most part, it’s simple to understand. You can have no experience or knowledge to start.

So, I totally get it when I see a small business using WordPress to host their website with some noticeable errors. One of the biggest annoyances is when I’m reading some page–let’s say your About page–and there’s a comment box at the end.

Not only do those comment boxes give your website an amateurish look, they also allow users to comment on the information there. This is particularly true for spammers, who will comment on any available part of your site. So it’s best just remove the option. Here’s how to remove comments from WordPress pages.

For the rest of my piece, How to Remove Comments from WordPress Pages, head over to Small Business Bonfire.

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