Menu creep is when a business slowly begins to offer more and more items outside of its original scope. Business offerings should evolve over time, but menu creep implies that evolution occurs without conscious decision and to the business’ detriment.

Let’s say that you have a taco truck. You start off offering three types of tacos. After a few months, you notice that the everyone’s going crazy for a new quesadilla truck that parks nearby, so you add some of those to your menu. Then you go to a food show where you notice that tater tots are trending so you add a few of those options to your menu. The next thing you know, your taco truck has 40 items on its menu. That’s menu creep.

Menu creep makes your business look disorganized; it dilutes your brand and wastes your resources. This term is usually used to refer to the restaurant industry, but menu creep can happen anywhere. In fact, many small businesses suffer from it. Before they realize what’s happening, they’re offering an unfocused host of products or services. If you want to avoid it, ask yourself these three questions.

For the rest of my piece, Three Questions to Help You Avoid Menu Creep in Your Small Business, head over to Small Business Bonfire.

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