I don’t want to buy anything. This is true no matter how much money I have. I’ve NEVER wanted to buy anything. In fact, I don’t know anybody who does want to buy anything.

On the other hand, we all want things. In fact, we all have things we need. (And normally, what you need is less than you think it is.) Furthermore, we’re all (okay most of us are) intelligent and savvy enough to realize that most things aren’t free. That we must exchange money or other valuable items for the things we want or need.

Even knowing all of that, if you ask a typical consumer on the street if they want to buy something, the answer will probably be “No.”

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What did you do wrong there? You asked that consumer if they wanted to give you money, which no one ever wants to do. Instead, you should ask them about something they want or need to have. Tell them why they should have it. Tell the consumer what that item will do for them and how it will make their lives easier.

And after you do all of that, they still won’t want to buy it. But they’ll be much more likely to do it anyway because they’ll at least have a reason to do so.

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